More Able Information

More Able Pupils at Moor Nook Community Primary School


At Moor Nook Community Primary School, we believe that we should provide for children of all abilities. The children, within our school, deserve an education that challenges and motivates them to achieve their full potential and become independent and resilient learners. Both the pupils’ and our high aspirations and expectations for their outcomes, are fundamental to their well-being during their childhood and in later life.

We endeavour to provide opportunities which enable them to maximise their potential, strive for success in their work and relationships, and encourage them to value their own and others’ achievements, skills and abilities; intellectually, physically, artistically and creatively.

From September 2020, we have developed a new personalised curriculum for our school, ensuring that it meets the needs of all pupils within our setting. We firmly believe that the curriculum and organisation allows each pupil to learn at a pace that is appropriate for them and allows More Able pupils the opportunity to study subjects in greater breadth and depth, using their curriculum knowledge to develop and further their skills and understanding through investigative and reasoning activities.


Defining the More Able:

At Moor Nook, we have agreed to use the following terminology to describe the range of children classed as More Able:

  • Gifted – Children who are working within the top 0.5% of the population.
  • Talented – Children who have an aptitude within a given area or subject e.g. drawing, gymnastics, drama etc.
  • More Able – Children who are, in relation to their class, performing consistently better than others.
  • High Prior Attainers – Children who were Exceeding at the end of the EYFS and/ or attained Greater Depth at the end of Key Stage 1 or 2.


Would you like further information?

For more information please read the More Able Policy which is attached below, or contact the More Able Lead Teacher (Mrs Jaeger) through the school office: (01772) 796009.