At Moor Nook CP School we follow the AET Curriculum, which mirrors that of the 2014 National Curriculum for Mathematics:

  • To become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately.
  • To reason mathematically by developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language.
  • To solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine        problems.


The Moor Nook Mathematics Curriculum is made up of 15 units, which are followed in this order throughout the year.

Maths Units Yearly Overview

Autumn Term

Unit 1 Investigating Number Systems

Number and Place Value

Unit 2 Pattern Sniffing

Number and Place Value

Unit 3 Solving Calculation Problems

Addition and Subtraction

Unit 4 Exploring Shape


Unit 5 Reasoning with Measures


Unit 6 Discovering Equivalence


Spring Term

Unit 7 Generalising Arithmetic

Addition and Subtraction

Unit 8 Investigating Statistics


Unit 9 Solving Problems with numbers

Multiplication and Division

Unit 10 Reasoning with Fractions


Unit 11 Visualising Shape


Summer Term

Unit 12 Exploring Change

Time/Position and Movement

Unit 13 Reasoning Proportionally

Multiplication and Division

Unit 14 Describing Position

Position and Direction

Unit 15 Measuring and Estimating



The Mathematics Curriculum and teaching and learning, within each lesson, follow the four-part model:
Representing (Showing)
Fluency (Practising)
Probing Questions (Explaining)
Rich and Complex Tasks (Problem Solving & Reasoning)


The four-part model:

  • Offers children a broad and balanced Mathematics curriculum
  • Develops conceptual understanding
  • Allows children to practise and apply their knowledge in a range of contexts
  • Challenges pupils, who grasp concepts rapidly, with rich and sophisticated tasks involving problem-solving and reasoning 
  • Gives regular opportunities for children to use mathematical vocabulary
  • Provides challenge for all children, including those with SEND and the More Able
  • Children access routine and non-routine problems throughout a unit


For more information about any year groups of specific topics, please see the Year Group Planning below, alongside the Progression Policies for Mental and Written Calculations.


Medium Term Planning

Moor Nook Progression Policies for Mental and Written Calculations