Events 2022-2023

Gardening Club Bird Boxes
Gardening club have made some beautiful bird boxes.
Gardening Club- June 2023
Gardening Club have planted plants at the front of school. Making it look nice. 
Gardening Club photos
The gardening club have planted potatoes and onions in Moor Nook Garden.
Easter Bonnets for Reception and Key Stage 1
Reception and Key Stage 1 have enjoyed showing off their fantastic Easter bonnets. Well done to everyone! There were so many creative designs and I'm sure you all had fun making them. 
Year 6 Visit to UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire)
On Wednesday 29th of March, Year 6 were invited to visit UCLAN for the day. In the morning, the children found the Police & Forensics Workshop fascinating. They learnt about collecting evidence to convict a suspect. Using CCTV coverage, they created photofit images, identified suspects from a line-up, took fingerprints, collected fingerprint images from the scene and used pattern images to identify the suspect's shoes. We have a class of mini detectives! 
After lunch, they had the opportunity to find out about life on campus and investigate some of the university's 69 buildings. They learnt about the different studies they could choose in the future, with fashion, sports and engineering with Formula 1 proving very popular. The children were abuzz with what they might like to study in the future and which 'school' they would be part of.  Having the opportunity to talk to students about student life on campus has further widened their aspirations for the future. Perhaps we have some possible UCLAN students in this class! 
Well done for demonstrating excellent listening skills and active participation throughout the day Year 6 - like always you made me feel very proud - Mrs Jaeger.
Nursery Visit to Laund Farm
Nursery enjoyed a visit to Laund Farm in Chipping.  Parents, children and staff had a great time touring the farm to see the cows, sheep, lambs and sheep dog. The farmer even put on a display for the children to demonstrate how the sheepdog moves the flock of sheep around the field. 
The children experienced a selection of activities from sheep weighing to climbing in the farmer's tractor, walking through the milk parlour, tasting cheese, dusting the floor with sawdust to stop the animals from slipping, petting and feeding the animals to making bird feeders to hang around the farm. 
A great day had by everyone, the children were a credit to their parents', staff and school. Ms Duerden and Mrs Jackson are very proud of them all. 
World Book Day Winners 2023
These are the lucky children who were chosen. They received a book as their prize.
World Book Day 2023
We celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed as our favourite book character.  Can you guess who we are?
Year 5 World Book Day 2023
For World Book Day, our class had a variety of costumes from famous footballers to Alice in Wonderland!
Nursery World Book Day 2023
We celebrated world book day! The children made bookmarks, played a game called guess the story, visited the school library and we enjoyed reading our favourite stories. 
Waterpark 2023
Year 6 had an amazing week at Waterpark.  Have a look at some of the things that they got up to!
Swirl How
Brown Pike
Wetherlam Group
Year 5 Yoga Session
Today we have been stretching and posing in our yoga session with our favourite instructor Charlotte!
Year 6 Gardening Club
This half term the Gardening Club have enjoyed a selection of activities, such as: measuring how old and tall a tree is. The tree is 62ft tall and it is 161 years old. We also made bid feeders for the birds that visit our garden.
Number Day: 3rd February 2023
Today we threw all the alphabet letters out of the window and immersed ourselves in Number & Maths throughout the day. The children had a lovely time decorating their costumes, taking part in Maths Games and KS2 battled for top position in the Times Table Rock Stars 'Number Rocks'. Congratulations to Year 5, who were the worthy winners! Every child received a Maths gift to take home and a pupil in Nursery, Year 1 and Year 5 also received a prize in the Key Stage competitions. Many thanks to all the pupils, parents and staff for taking part and for helping to raise over £32 for the NSPCC charity - Mrs Jaeger (Mathematics Subject Leader). 
Year 6 Magistrate Visit
'Do the right thing'
Year 6 took part in a mock trial about cyber bullying.  Some of us had parts to play during the trial.  As 'magistrates',  we had to decide whether the defendant was guilty or not before deciding what their sentence would be.  We learnt that the courts take cyber bullying, whether this is sending malicious messages or posting photos about someone using social media, very seriously.
Flat Stan First Aid 
All pupils, from Year 3 to Year 6, took part in a practical first aid workshop led by Gary from 'Flat Stan First Aid'. The children learnt about how to call 999 and the types of information they should share and about DR ABC where they should stop, think, breathe, check for danger, look for responses, open the airway, check breathing and if necessary, start compressions. They also focused on helping people who are choking, burnt or bleeding. The children listened very well, and all of them passed the course. They received a certificate for taking part and a booklet to complement their learning. The photographs show year 6 in action. Please ask your child about what they learnt today. 
Action Art in Year 6!
Year 6 had a wonderful time working with Kate, a High School art teacher, exploring the world of Abstract Art and Jackson Pollock. Using paint, water balloons, water guns, flicking brushes, dried flowers/branches and their bodies they created two large pieces of abstract art. The photographs show what a fun, but messy, time we had. We are delighted with our communal artwork. 
Nursery and Reception Christmas Lunch
Reception and Nursery enjoyed Christmas lunch together.
Year 5 and 6 Gardening Club
Gardening club have engaged in a variety of activities including an Autmn walk, planting daffodil bulbs ready for spring and making Christmas decorations.
Year 6 Museum visit
Liverpool Slavery Museum
As part of our History topic, Year 6 visited the slavery museum.  We were able to look at some of the artefacts linked to the Transatlantic slave trade, work produced by black artists and read some inspirational quotes.  We learnt about the legacy of the slave trade during a workshop.
Year 5 Perfect Punctuality
Year 5 tried really hard to achieve their Perfect Punctuality reward, encouraging each other to get to school on time each day to cross off each letter. We were the second class in the school to receive the reward. We had such a fabulous afternoon!
Year 5 Children in need 2022
Year 5 looked amazing on Children in Need day. We had a great afternoon completing fun activities then ended with a Penalty Shoot Out!
Board Games Club Photos
Years 4, 5 and 6 are really enjoying Board Games Club this Autumn 2 Term. Together, we have played Connect 4, Ludo, Mind Your Step, Guess Who and Cluedo to name just a few games. We are now teaching ourselves Chess. So far, Miss Parker-Smith has lost!
Lollipop Lady visit to Nursery
This week we have been learning about "Road Safety". The local lollipop lady Doreen who has been in service for 36 years came to visit us and talked about how to cross the road safely. Now we know to hold a grown-ups hand, stop, look, listen and think before we cross the road.
All About Me
The children had lots of fun learning about themselves and how the environment changes in Autumn.
Bonfire Performance Poems
In school today we have been reading and performing bonfire poems.  We hope you enjoy watching our videos.
Crackle! Spit! by Year 6
Fireworks by Year 1
The Bonfire Night by Year 4
Author visit for Year 4
Year Four were delighted to receive a writers workshop and storytelling performance from author Dan Worsley. This workshop sparked enthusiasm from Year Four who have all created their own 'first' books becoming authors like Dan! 
Author Visit for Year 1
Cat Weatherill, the author came to visit Year 1 on Wednesday the 19th of October.  The children had lots of fun listening to her original stories and some fairy tale classics.  They then created their own stories during their author workshop in class.  
Author Visit for Years 5 and 6
Author Daniel Blythe visited school on Thursday 22nd September.  Daniel has written several Dr Who books plus other fiction stories.   The children in Years 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed the writing workshops that he held, and they produced some good character descriptions and story openings with him.  The day finished with a quiz which the children were very excited about!