Events 2020-2021

The school raised an amazing £111:00 for Helping Big George Fight Motor Neurone Disease (MND).  
George and his family would like to thank everyone for their kindness and a great big thank you to all who took part especially Mrs Burton for organising the event.  If you would like to find out more information about George, please click on the link below:
#helpbigGfightMND In January 2021 our friend, George Melling was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). As with everything George does he his tackling this illness head on, and has the support of a fantastic family network and the wider reach of friends who will all play a part in helping George fight MND.
Nursery Visit to Wild Boar Park
Please find below a selection of photos from the Nursery visit to Wild Boar Park.
Nursery Traditional Tales Day
Here are some pictures of Traditional Tales Day for our Nursery children.
Year 1 Traditional Tales Day
"Year one had a fantastic time during the whole school Wellbeing Day."
"During Traditional Tale day Year one explored the story of Little Red Riding Hood" 

Nursery Sports Day
On sports day the children enjoyed a range of physical activities. They had lots of fun running, jumping over hurdles, balancing hoops on their head and  competing in a sack race. 

Reception Wellbeing Day
Reception had a great time doing all different kinds of activities during the whole school Wellbeing Day.
Year 5's Well-Being Day 2021
After coping with so much change and upheaval caused by Covid, the Year 5 children welcomed the chance to have a day focusing on themselves and their own well-being. They happily climbed, bounced, meditated, relaxed, played, performed, and danced before they were entertained by a magic show at the end of the day. Ms Clough please can we have another day like this next year because we absolutely loved it?!
Nursery Wellbeing Day
For Well-Being Day the children took part in a variety of fantastic activities. They watched a magic show, played on a bouncy castle and joined in with a yoga class.
Year 3 Wellbeing Day
Year 3 had a great time at Wellbeing Day getting to try out a number of different activities.
Year 6 Wellbeing Day
Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed all the activities that were on offer for our well-being day!
Reception Imagine That visit
Today we visited Imagine That in Liverpool. The children had a fantastic day and behaved exemplary. They played in the Imagine That village and were able to develop their imagination, taking on new roles. Look at the photos to see the different places we visited. Next, we went to the Art area for the children to develop their creative skills. All children made a fridge magnet to bring home. The children were able to explore in the outdoor dinosaur area, we had keen palaeontologists in our class. After that, the children made slime and bath bombs whilst exploring new scientific concepts such as exploding bubbles, it was mesmerising. Finally, we explored the science floor and engaged in different science experiments using magnets, light, circuits and lots more. We even made it snow in June with the help of Elsa and Olaf! Here are some thoughts of the day from the children: 
"It was so much fun, I loved the dinosaur bones and making a fridge magnet." 
"I loved making slime."
"I liked painting a real car."
"I loved dressing up and dancing."
"It was fun in the sand and digging for dinosaur bones." 
"I loved everything; it was the best day ever" 
"We made it snow!"
Reception Sports Day
Please find below a selection of photos from Reception's Sports Day.
World Book Night
We celebrated World Book Night on Friday 23rd April by coming to school dressed in our pyjamas.  We spent some time listening to stories and sharing books.  We even managed to stay awake all day!
Rock Down Relief UK (March 2021)
From the 12th to the 18th of March 2021 all classes from Year 2 to Year 6, competed in a Times Table Competition on 'Times Table Rock Stars'. Every day, they played in games and challenges to defeat their opponents and we celebrated the final day by dressing like a rock star and donating £1 to Comic Relief. Don't we look amazing?! Psst! Just to let you know we are currently 4th place in the local schools' competition within the nearest 30 schools. Hooray! 
World Book Day
As part of World Book Day, we had a variety of different activities related to books we could try at home or in school.
We read stories, followed instructions to draw a bookmark, created a window display for a book trail, made a cosy place to read, entered a Guess Who? competition and joined in with a RAP.  Some of us dressed up as our favourite book character.

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day
Thursday 26th February was National Tell a Fairy Tale Day.  As part of our home or in school learning we looked at Fairy Tales.  We have read our favourite stories, drawn some illustrations, or even written our own!
Year 5 Science Day 16.12.20
As part of our Recovery Curriculum, Year 5 spent the day looking at the 'The Living Things and Their Habitats' topic which they missed in Year 4.
To understand how living things can be grouped in a variety of ways, we played Bingo, Guess Who (we love games) and used Venn Diagrams to classify them. After that, we created Classification Keys to help group, identify and name a wider variety of living things, including the 'human creatures' in our class! Finally, we looked at the human impact on our planet and habitats, discovering how this can be a negative or positive thing but does change our environment and can pose dangers to animals and plants. 
River Pictures
We finished the day by making posters to show how rivers affect people's lives.
3-D Model River Journey
We worked in groups to create a 3D model to show the journey of a river from the source to the sea.  We had lots of fun making the play dough mountains!
Year 5 Rivers Day
On Friday 11th December, we had our second 'Recovery Curriculum' day.  This time, it was a Geography day linked to rivers.
We acted out the water cycle as we needed to know where the water in rivers came from.
Year 5 North West Gifted and Talented
On the 2nd December 2020, the pupils in Year 5 were visited by Mrs. A. Hoare of North West Gifted and Talented. 
During the 'Number Galore' afternoon, they focused on a variety of number challenges and games. 
Year 5 really impressed her with their understanding and resilience when tackling the problems. Many children said they were going home exhausted because their brain had begun to hurt but they'd greatly enjoyed the workshop. 
Year 5
As part of our Recovery Curriculum, Year 5 had an Ancient Egyptian theme day.
We created our own costumes at home, and they were fantastic.  Once in school, we became Egyptologists!  We used clues, carried out research, created a timeline and used evidence to decide who actually built the pyramids - Dreamworks Animation were wrong! 
Year 5 Geography
In Geography, we made different coastal features.  We made caves, arches and stacks to show the possible effects of the sea on a small crack in a cliff.  It wasn't as easy as we first thought!

National Nonfiction November – The Planet we Share 

 The theme chosen for this year reflects the widespread concern for our beautiful planet which is under serious threat – particularly from climate change and plastic pollution.  

 In classes, we have been sharing different nonfiction books our planet. 

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