Events 2020-2021

Year 5
As part of our Recovery Curriculum, Year 5 had an Ancient Egyptian theme day.
We created our own costumes at home, and they were fantastic.  Once in school, we became Egyptologists!  We used clues, carried out research, created a timeline and used evidence to decide who actually built the pyramids - Dreamworks Animation were wrong! 
Year 5 Geography
In Geography, we made different coastal features.  We made caves, arches and stacks to show the possible effects of the sea on a small crack in a cliff.  It wasn't as easy as we first thought!

National Nonfiction November – The Planet we Share 

 The theme chosen for this year reflects the widespread concern for our beautiful planet which is under serious threat – particularly from climate change and plastic pollution.  

 In classes, we have been sharing different nonfiction books our planet. 

Year 5
Year 2
Year 4